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18th Mar 2004, 08:20 PM
DM-CampGrounds2004-Guyver1 Edition (http://ftp.wireplay.co.uk/ut2004/Maps/DM/DM-Campgrounds2004-G1E.zip)


1. doorways widened to improve flow

2. flak and rocket ammo clips removed (1 of each)

3. Extra Width added to Bridge and end of LG platform to allow for boost jump from brdige to lg and vice versa, it was possible without this extra wdith but it was right at the limit of the boost jump distance so i added a small amount of extra width to allow for a greater % of jumps made.

4. moved the lg/bridge stairs spawn point slightly.

Purely cosmetic and gameplay enhancements to accomodate 2k4 movement.

There was no Readme in the zip files i had of the original and LE versions of the 2k3 version so author rights stand as they are shown on hte map preview. ID software hold ulimate rights for hte original Quake version.


Available to play on the following servers:
Wireplay*UK*:*TDM*4v4*WS-OFF*-*Sponsored by GamePlay -

Wireplay*UK*:*DM FFA - Sponsored by GamePlay -

Wireplay UK : 1v1 Server 1 - Sponsored by GamePlay -

Wireplay*UK*:*1v1*Server*3*-*Sponsored*by*GamePlay -


18th Mar 2004, 10:40 PM
This is great, but I disagree with the extending of the lightning and bridge to make that jump easier, in ut2003 it was a very easy jump with a boostdodge and you could make it with a regular walljump. You could also make it with a regular dodgejump without touching the wall at all, I believe it should be a jump that not every player can do, you should have to practice a bit.

Edit: Oh ****, I just noticed something. If you have momentum from going up a lift or get shot up by a boostpad, and then do a walljump, you don't keep the upward motion, so you can't go up the liftpad in the pillar room and walljump backwards to the doorway by rockets. That SUCKS.

Edit again: I would be very interested in playing this map with you and pointing some things out, I am really an expert at this map, and a good player overall. (If I do say so myself.)

19th Mar 2004, 01:32 AM
the lack of upward motion as you go up the jumppad and double tap off the wall to fly over the pillars all theway over to the other platform sadly is caused by the new movement adjustments implimented by Epic.

those super cool trick jumps all over the map are simply no longer possible.

This is a very simple edit of the 2k3-LE version of the map,

as for the LG to bridge move, teh wall dodge move is now so small a horizontal movement that to allow for that i would have had to have had the bridge and lg platform practically next to each other which would have look bloody stupid and would have involved a major geometry edit which would have ruined the map.

seeign as Epic have now 'officially' recognised the 'boost-jump' even thos they nerfed the horizontal and vertical distances its about time players learnt how to do it and use it. so the Bridge-lg platform distance is perfect now as it is.

19th Mar 2004, 04:14 PM
You should put collision barriers inside the doors so you don't get hung up on the light. Primarly the one at the top of the lightning lift pad.