View Full Version : 2DT has to go a new direction

15th Mar 2004, 01:02 PM
I think 2dt has to go a new direction
now k0lp gave up, the mod has to go a new way with a new coder(I don't think a new coder would like to work on a mod named k0lpAs 2dt, I think a new coder would like to work on his own 2dt mod, based on k0lps mod)
maybe someone here can code,or someone here knows where we can ask for a new coder

how would you like to see the mod change?

I would like to see a 2dt with more action and diffrent weapons(not just ut in 2d,a bit more than that);a bit faster, more air control(and more jump-possibilities[sp?], like:double jump,wall jump,strave jump and another jump in one jump without touching the ground, with that you could reach everything),diffrent weapons(just 4 weapons:rocketlauncher[faster firerate,smaller rockets and less damage,rockets explode after 2 seconds or something like that], shockrifle[faster firerate,very low damage], flak[just to defend-look pic- less damage], minigun[less damage and bulltes bounce like grenates],no secondary fire). this are just ideas, but I think it would be very cool to have some of them in the mod(it would give it a bit bangai-o feeling and if anyone here played bangai-o,he knows what I mean)
and it wouldn't be too much work(just 4 weapons with no secondary fire and some more freedom in the movement and I don't think that every gametype is necessary,lets focus on DM and TDM and all on one ;) )
have you some ideas?
yes...I have nothing to do....and I know that in the end the coder will decide how the mod will change
pic to my idea: