View Full Version : Troopers : Dawn of Destiny is looking for a character animator who can rig

4th Mar 2004, 05:17 PM
The Troopers : Dawn of Destiny Team, now under the name Kinetic Studios, had decided to once more expand our ranks. What the team is currently looking for is a Character animator who can Rig, preferably knowledgable with Maya or 3d Sudio Max. For a full list at what we are looking for, please Look Here (http://www.ut2003troopers.com/?page=&action=show&id=5234)

Additionally, the following set of requirements applies to all the positions to ensure that our team continues to function as a democratic, professional, and motivated group:

Applicants must be able to communicate clearly and correctly in both written and spoken English.

Applicants must have excellent communicative skills, and a demonstrated ability to be able to effectively convey ideas and feedback in a mature and positive manner.

Applicants must be able to work effectively within a team environment, and demonstrate excellent personal time-management abilities to be able to coordinate workloads and priorities.

Applicants must be in a position to be able to commit to the minimum amount of development hours per week (currently 5 hours, but most current Team members can commit more) in order to be considered for a role.

Applicants must be outwardly motivated and dedicated towards the achievement of Troopers common goals, and be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to the team and it's workload time frames.

If you feel that you can fill this postion and you are commited to joining the team, please send an email to PublicRelations@KineticStudios.net and carbon copy to troopersdev@madnad.com. In this email, feel free to include personal information about yourself along with any other information you deem relavent to this position such as what experience you've had, where you have worked and and your strengths and weeknesses lie. Additionally, we will (of course) require recent samples of your work. Details of this can be found under the position-specific requirements. Please do not attach files to your application email, but instead provide links to any files you wish to offer in consideration for the role. In the instance this is not possible, be sure to keep your attachment size below 500 kilobytes.

We look forward to hearing from you.

6th Mar 2004, 12:24 PM
We are trying to get the far left and right models in game currently