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3rd Mar 2004, 03:03 PM
Is the unrealed that comes with UT 2003 and Unreal ll and the unrealed 2.0 for UT all the same editor? And the runntine that you can download from unreal developer network also the same?

Archer :mad:

3rd Mar 2004, 09:47 PM
Welcome back T12Archer (Didn't see you since the spam thread on the old NC if I remember correctly!)

3rd Mar 2004, 11:54 PM
The UT and Unreal II editors are different. Or at least the load screen for Unreal II editor was different, but then it errored out on me... :hmm: I'm not sure about UT2003/04. I would assume they're different because the engines are different, as well as other things/effects/options/whatever.

BTW, Welcome back! Long time no see. :)

Minister Fish
4th Mar 2004, 03:48 AM
Each editor is optimized for each game they are shipped with even if the underlining program is the same. So, yes they are different even if they are the same. Of course with UT it's UED 2.0 and for the newer games it's UED 3.0.

And since you mentioned it, anybody working with the UnrealEngine2 Runtime for anything?

4th Mar 2004, 08:35 AM
There's not really any point in using the runtime for making a mod since you only have the disadvantage of not having any of the textures/actors/meshes etc. that you would get if you made the same mod for UT2k3/4

4th Mar 2004, 10:43 AM
Thanks all. I finaly got Unrealed 3.0 for UT2003 to open. It wont run under my windows 98 for some reason. But opened in windows 2000 sever. No i havnt been around. Been in school and RL. Good to see so many poeple still around.

4th Mar 2004, 12:09 PM
Still mainly the same old faces in Other Stuff as 4-5 years ago :)
And UED3 doesn't run out of the box in Win98 thanks to some more buggy software by epic! There is a win98 patch, however I wouldn't even bother since it crashes every 5 mins in Win98 and you have to reboot every time to get the editor to load again.
It runs perfectly stable in 2000/xp so it's a good reason to upgrade :)

4th Mar 2004, 01:08 PM
I have my system setup to dual boot. It has mandrake linux 9.2, windows 98 and windows 2000 sever on it. Dont ask its a long story. So i was excited when I could run it under the windows 2000 boot.
Thanks for the info.