View Full Version : Good old UT skins on UT2k3

1st Mar 2004, 04:41 AM
When i look through all the Ut2003 skins, i find them all kinda crap :lol: , the custom skins are worse too! :eek: so im planning on putting my favorate skin from Unreal tournament ; "Male soldier - metal guard - radkin" Into UT2003.
Now i`ve looked and played with the skin editor before, seems easy enough to understand but i`ll need help with it.
Can anyone sudjest where i start and is it possible to import the skin across? i guess i could use "brock"`s face and add a mask but i`d like it the old style.

4th Mar 2004, 09:58 PM
You would first have to export the UT2003 skin from UED3 then open in in the only program I know of that can open .dds files, Photoshop. After that you would repeat the process for the UT skin in UED2. You would have to copy and past all of the UT skin sections from the Ut skin and paste them into their proper place in the UT2003 skin. IE: The chest armor section owuld have to overlap the chest section on the UT2003 skin. After that you would probably have to do some editing to the face skin guessing that in the UT skin it is only half the UV's to conserve space. You would have to mirror the face and fit it into the UT2003 skin's face UV's. You would also have to do osme manual painting for things like the hair which I am almost sure are not laid out like the hair in the UT2003 skin. Also note that UT2003 uses 2 skin files, one 1024*1024 map for the body and a 512*512 map for the face. After everything is done and save you would have to create a copy of the character model and apply the skin you created to it. You would also have to place the skin in its own texture package.