View Full Version : Webdesigner needed for Rainbow six mutator

23rd Feb 2004, 01:17 PM
### The mutator ###
I have been working on a "total conversion" mutator that brings the gameplay of the original Rainbow Six multiplayer to UT2k3. I have all of the rainbow player models skinned and animated (in all of their low-poly glory), all of the original weapons from R6 and eagle watch animated etc. (including first person models), the weapon, player, vehicle, class code is written and I have an early working beta. Player classes can be chosen along with weapon loadouts during the game (thanks to some help). I also will have 2-3 maps ready upon release (MP Bunkers from RS is already done)

### Help needed ###
I am looking for someone to put together a small (2-4 pages) website with screenshots, mod/mutator info, and a few links. I have webspace that I can use, but i need to keep the website size (not including the mutator) to under 7 Mb or so. It does not need to be fancy, just organized so that screenshots are easy to view etc.

### release time frame ###
The mod probably will not be release until mid-march (after final exams), but I will be releasing betas to the webdesigner and beta testing team.

### other mod features ###
A few other features available in the mutator. Ability to go prone, "mantle" climb over objects, dashing, adjusting speed and jumpheight of the players, Drivable Hummer which carries pasengers (who can shoot while riding in the hummer). So far in beta testing all of these features work online as well.

### Contact info ###
If anyone is interested in helping, please PM me or email me at imaknucklehead@hotmail.com with the subject "Tango Down Website"

27th Feb 2004, 01:24 AM
Never Mind. Did it myself (though it ain't pretty).

If anyone is interested in testing the mutator though, I could definitely use the feedback to tweak weapon balance etc.