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14th Feb 2004, 04:40 PM
Exion Mod Version 2.25 with the DESTROYABLE Labyrinth, Gangways and Frontline maps ready for download.

WHAT'S NEW in Exion 2.25?

1. New FrontLine map with vehicle.
2. Modified drivable and destroyable vehicle.
3. Changed music of Labyrinth and Gangways maps.

In Exion2 MOD you can destroy many walls, ramps, pipes, barrels, glasses, ... and you can use and destroy vehicle (with weapons). The map strongly use "Karma" physics engine for moving and colliding fragments, barrels, ...

IMPORTANT! You can adjust the performance (framerate), the number of initial "Karma" objects and the number of "Karma" fragments with Settings/Details/Physics Detail switch.


The Exion2 MOD is a Team DeathMatch which is completed with some teamflags and a small-sized fusion reactor at each team, which are installed at different points of the map.

Our own teamís reactor must be defended from the enemy while enemy reactors must be destroyed. For destroying the enemy reactors you can get many points.

Web site: www.niara.hu/exion.html (http://www.niara.hu/exion.html)

Gameplay sounds from Exion2 MOD: Bullet sounds near player: www.niara.hu/Exion2.mp3 (http://www.niara.hu/Exion2.mp3)


Drivable and destroyable vehicle:


Building under attack:


Building after attack:


16th Feb 2004, 11:39 AM
[UT2004Mod] Exion type Onslaught project started, based on Exion 2.25 UT2003 Mod.

Web site: www.niara.hu/exion.html (http://www.niara.hu/exion.html)

Exion type Onslaught different from the original UT2004 Onslaught because the Exion type Onslaught project goal is to make the "real" enviroment (with the Exion type destroyable technolgy and "Karma" physics engine [like as you see it in Exion 2.25]).

Exion type Onslaught:
- Vehicles only with "real" weapons. (Minigun, Rocket Launcher, ...)
- Weapons with small fire power (like Assault Rifle) do not make damage for Goliath Tank and Hellbender (only the Hellbender tires).
- Hellbender driver can shoot.
- Destroyable tires of vehicle [like in Exion 2.25].
- PowerNodes and PowerCores are always destroyable.
- PowerNodes are the destroyable buildings.
- PowerCores are destroyable bases.
- Exion type Onslaught maps will contain destroyable buildings, walls, bridges, ramps, pipes, glasses [like Exion 2.25].
- Exion type Onslaught maps will contain many "Karma" objects, under online play too [like Exion 2.25].

The destroyable PowerNodes:

Burning Fish
16th Feb 2004, 11:47 AM
:s Looking awesome :D