View Full Version : CTF-Brutality][ beta

11th Feb 2004, 11:10 AM
I converted Deathmatch Brutality][ in Capture the flag, say to me what you think of it.

Texture QUAKE3c required:


14th Feb 2004, 05:08 PM

... i got a quick run on the map... good use of the DM layout for the bases but the rest is futile. There should be some paths running from base to base PARALEL to the main hall. Stricting the middle gameplay to that single big hall turns it into a Face-like middle-field (*cold shivers in spine*). Unless that is your 'precise' idea for the map. I can't suggest anything more about layout that wouldn't completely or partially break it (and thus making it obsolete as using DM-Brutality][ as base and name-sake).

SOOOOOO... except from that corridor suggestion (it was a suggestion, please DON'T use *just* corridors!!!), i can say quit the ammo near the sniper rifle, or quit the Sniper R at all, replacing it by a Shockie maybe? And tweak BOT support. The don't use the sniper and are limiting at using the whole "base" layout (except if pursuiting you=flag carrier). If you do quit the Snipie, there's one less BOT problem ;) to handle.
Also, /methinks too many Jump Boots. Trained humans can easily get the flag with them, and there's little interest in using the bottom part of the flag area, unless you *just* have to get that Rocket launcher.

Hope that was usefull in some way ;) ...