View Full Version : Two Mesh Packages are now done

3rd Feb 2004, 10:24 PM
I have added the new Low Poly Trees and UnWheelTrackMesh packages to my web site. They are free to use in any UnWheel map without permission:) The tree package is the same one ProjectX was sent, but not the one linked a few months ago. The track pieces are just that, premade and textured modular pieces to build tracks with hills and corners and tunnels. If you have ANY type of problem with any of them, let me know so we can fix them before release with UnWheel:) http://home.mchsi.com/~shane.horton/wsb/html/view.cgi-home.html-.html

8th Feb 2004, 12:17 AM
The new mesh package includes buildings, doors and windows, lights, misc, roofs, signs and new modular track pieces. The textures ( over 40 meg unzipped ) include brick and stone, facades and trim, doors and windows. they are on my site for now. ( any hope for temporary FTP access?) These are all free to use for anyone with any UnWheel map. http://home.mchsi.com/~shane.horton/wsb/html/view.cgi-home.html-.html