View Full Version : UnrealSP Sequel Needs Staff

1st Feb 2004, 06:54 AM

UnrealSP.Org's UT-based Unreal sequel has been in "development hell" for some time, but we have now nearly completed a map outline and are working on adding creatures.

Unfortunately, some mappers seem to have lost interest over the protracted development period. Above all we need:

Texture Artists

I know it's late to be starting a project using the old engine - Legend of Vandora for UT2004, for instance, has potential to be truly great - but if anybody's interested in working for the UT engine again, we could use your services at http://www.unrealsp.org. Drop into the forums and visit the "Unreal Sequel" board; that'll allow you to see our growing map outline and creature list. Additional ideas welcome, if they are true to the spirit of Unreal.