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30th Jan 2004, 05:44 PM
Now seriously, I know about sleep paralysis and all, but I woke up this morning and turned over, stretched, relaxed, and fell back asleep (i guess?) but was paralyzed temporarily by the chemical your body releases when you fall asleep. I forgot the name of it, but anyway I tried desperately to wake up and then quit, and then I heard like 1 or 2 people laughing then more than like a hundred people laughing and I seriously thought I had went insane, and worried it was because of all the alcohol I have drank in the past.

I finally snapped out of it BUT turned back over and fell into this paralysis thing where there was a hole trying to pull me in it, it was purple and had electricity buzzing and circling around it and thunder and debris flying in and got bigger and bigger until it filled up most of my "vision" (my eyes were closed though) ( i assume this is like a K-hole?, ive never done ketamine) and I couldnt move and just laid there until it passed over and i woke up for good that time.

So could DMT (the natural chemical in your spine that is released to make you dream at night and is responsible for near death experiences) be responsible for what happened, I am just curious. Is it reasonable that I could of "slipped" into the 3rd or 4th stage of sleep (where dreams occur) and got "woken" back out of it and the DMT was still circulating?

Or could it be like with DXM, where you ingest say 800 mg DXM and you get CEV's about what you did earlier in the day or the day before? (does anyone know what im talking about, like when you drink a bottle of robitussin (which has dXM) and say you played unreal tournament alot earlier in the day, well after the DXM started taking effect good, you would be "travelling" around the maps you played in for example shooting people with the insta rifle and getting blown up yourself (a very nauseating process, with the "camera" spinning around all over the place and everything while your 'gibs' are falling everywhere) with a very disrupted thought process and low "sound". So could DXM, and DMT be related in that aspect? are they both dissociatives? (i know dxm is but is dmt?) and are dissociatatives connected with past events or something?

30th Jan 2004, 05:49 PM
By chance are you trolling since you did even reply to critisms in your other thread?

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30th Jan 2004, 07:02 PM
Thanks for the reply, and thats interesting about how it (DMT) might initiate consciousness.

why does DXM cause a memory loop thing (like with the unreal tournament description, that happens a large part of the "trip", just over and over)

30th Jan 2004, 07:08 PM
does anyone know what im talking about, like when you drink a bottle of robitussin ?


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30th Jan 2004, 07:53 PM
I'll trade 1: dawn demon for 1 k-hole dream anyday