View Full Version : How do you code to shoot down 2003 redeemer?

30th Jan 2004, 04:55 PM
How do you code to shoot down 2003 redeemer?


I'm working on a 2003 Redeemer mutator and one of the things I'm after is that I want to make it capable of being shot down like the UT Redeemer. Using the TakeDamage function, it can be shot down with the rocket launcher, bio rifle, link guns, and grenades, but I can't get it to even register a hit from an assaulet rifle, sniper rifle, or ZARK rifle. I've been looking into everything I can for the last two weeks and I have made no progress. The non-guided fire projectile can be shot down. The guided fire projectile cannot (as indicated above). Can somebody out there please point me in the right direction?


30th Jan 2004, 07:51 PM
Why did you post this in the UE2R forums? This belongs in the Coding forum.

30th Jan 2004, 08:43 PM
trying to find the right place. Thanks for pointing this out, rude dude