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24th Jan 2004, 07:18 AM
Hello, me again ("*sigh*"). I thought up some ideas for weapons and 1 for a mutator.

Weapons - Different Ammunition

Shield gun - Shield Laser

Primary fire : Fires a blue shockbeam at a high firing rate which does 5 damage per hit.

Ammo can be switched with key thats been binded in controls menu.

Assault rifle grenades - Segmented Grenade

Primary fire (AR secondary) - Fires a red AR grenade which explodes into 3 more on impact. First explosion is bigger than the normal AR grenade, and does 20 damage, and the smaller explosions do 10.

Assault rifle bullets - Scoper SR Improved™

Primary fire : Fires large bullets that do 10 damage at a slow rate. Also comes with a fancy scope ; which also gives a bonus to the weapon so it can be incredibly accurate ; plus wen the scope is activated the bullet damage is incresed. The scope can only be used with thi type of ammo.

Bio-rifle - Retro-plasma Glob

Primary fire - Hold down to charge : Fires blue globs of retroplasma which explodes in a small blue shock combo.

Secondary fire - Hold down to charge : Fires a glowing blue glob of retroplasma which explodes on inpact in a bigger blue shock combo into more bioglob which is absolutly TINY.


Acidic Webber

Primary fire : Fires a big blog of acid... which is prefered to not look like bioglobs. It does 30 damage when it hits and when it hits the ground it kind of crawls towards its target.

Secondary fire : Fires a bigger glob which forms into a monster. The monster is your allie an you can give it commands. On team games the monster can be given commands like gaurd the flag 'n' stuff.


Where'd that bullet go?

Basically, what this mutator does is make the game slightly more realistic. What is does it that you can get a headshot with any weapon, shoot peeps in the legs to make then have to limp, shoot their hands to disarm them, the shield gun can reflect bullets, link projectiles, and shockbeams without loosing ammo, and when the player is thrown hard enough against a wall/ceiling/the gound, he/she goes splat.

Blip blip blip...out of cheese
Blip blip blip also out of ideas.

24th Jan 2004, 10:03 AM
Mmm, interesting.. I especially like these ideas, but as always, I can't guarantee that they'll all end up in one pack together. :p

By the way, you seen the weapon contest over at the WoD forums? I've already designed and coded my weapon, and I'll post some pics soon. ;)

24th Jan 2004, 10:29 AM
:( Yes, I posted on that earlier, looks like I cant enter.. :( . Forgeddabouddit, I'll never learn to code model and skin my weapon in time.