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23rd Jan 2004, 12:30 AM
I'm working on a DM map and Clark pointed me to the site. (nice btw)
I am looking for feedback on this map which is a remake of the UT map DM-Ghoul originally made by Danilo Di Marscio.

I'd also like to point out that I am using other mapper's static meshes. Special thanks go to Ulukai, Soma and _unreal_ for the permission.

Here are a couple of screenshots. I know I still need to do some lighting work and I haven't optimized the map or added blocking volumes on architecture yet. There is no bot pathing (hey, it's still alpha :) )

I'm looking for feedback on the layout and item placement: (as it is changed considerably from its UT cousin). Still a lot of work to be done architecturally, so please keep that in mind!


THE MAP (http://www.clantk.com/DM-Ghoul(alpha).zip)

Thanks, in advance, for downloading and checking it out. I eagerly await your feedback!!! :D


1st Feb 2004, 07:45 PM
It's a rather cool conversion but overally feels too much UTish than UT2K3ish, I mean lack of details and variety: it's almost always the same textures on the walls and on the grounds, the same colors in lighting, walls are often empty and slightly boring,...

The lift which leads to the Shock Rifle doesn't fit the medieval theme IMO (take a look to DM-DE-GrendelKeep or DM-Inferno to get some ideas...) and the texs on the curves above this weapon are not aligned. The Mini-Shield looks all alone under this wooden ramp: look for some sort of pedestal to put it onto and the whole area will probably look better. A lot of borders are missing to hide the textures transitions between perpendicular surfaces and the ones you placed don't have the appropriate color IMO (they don't stand out of the wood, something more white is needed to get a strong contrast with the dark wooden floor...), the ramps themselves are often abrupt and 'squarish', hence the UT feeling: you have a higher polys budget with this engine and you should really exploit it in putting more curves and bevels instead of making ramps connected perpendicularly without any surface of transition, you can also use stair brushes which present a more interesting surface than a flat ramp -especially for ancient atmospheres- and of course some static meshes too... Don't hesitate to put some beams under these ramps too: this will give them more solidity, they look a bit like floating against the walls atm. The terrain behind the Rocket Launcher could 'invade' a part of the room of this item: replace the BSP floor with a terrain and blend the pavement tex with the rock/sand one in making small variations of height here and there... Missing pavements/bricks in the floor/walls are pretty common but almost always do their job very well, still a possibility to consider. Be careful with the texs from Arborea: they don't fit very well the medieval theme IMO

Lighting is far too much flat: you really need to implement more contrasts in reducing the radius of the local lights which will make the shadow areas stand out more. Check out DavidM's lighting tutorial on our Mapping Ressouces page (http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?t=112028) to get an idea about how to set properly a basic lighting. Put some variety in colors too: it's all red and blue/green atm and all areas tend to look the same which doesn't help player orientation... Also, be sure to use a color which matches the light sources (yellow/orange torches don't produce red light...) otherwise this looks odd. Try to set up a sound atmosphere as quickly as possible in order to build the sound scheme in the same time than the rest of the overall mood of the map. In the same way, do a choice of soundtrack ASAP and change it later if you think it doesn't really fit in the end.

Gameplay-wise it works well IMO and shouldn't require work on this point but be sure to put some pathnodes in there to be able to test it unless you can find or have friends who have a server...

Keep up! :)

1st Feb 2004, 09:09 PM
yeah, it's alpha. Was looking for more in feedback on flow and item placement.

I haven't touched the lighting for the most part other than putting in working lights of the color sheme I want to use.

I also have done very little architecturally whether bsp or static. Just the basic structure right now with little things here and there as I think of them. Most will not be used as I progress through, but are built just in case.

I have also not added bot pathing in case layout changes were needed I didn't want to have to redo a bunch of pathing.

I have changed the level considerably from the version you dl'd as I assumed these forums were not viewed too often as my original post was a week ago or so. Therefore I have not posted additional links to current versions.

I have added ambient sounds and a track from my deathmetal band for the music. It's a spoken word-instrumental about the first known serial killer (Gilles de Laval de Rais: France 1400's) and is very chilling. Fits the mood and atmosphere quite well.

Thanks for the comments nonetheless, you presented some good suggestions.