View Full Version : [Mod]Mod in progress, looking for an extra hand

16th Jan 2004, 07:06 PM
Hey, I'm the lead coder for UT40k (ut2003/2004 warhammer 40k modification, http://www.ut40k.com/ ) and we're currently looking for more experienced coders ;) other help is welcome too...

We have a WORKING mod, with lots of stuff so far, if you're interested, my aim is bloodwars, and my msn messenger name is bloodwars@onebox.com (i wont get e-mail sent to that account btw). We can talk, and i can give you access to our team forums and a current build to test and work on ;)

you can also use this forum to send me e-mails i believe.

thanks, hope to hear from you ;)