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16th Jan 2004, 10:07 AM
Eden Eclipse is a Science-Fiction first person 3D action game set in the dark and distant future where industrial companies fight each other for the control of the remaining ressources. You take on the persona of a brave female soldier named Lt. Amber Daniels whose past is unknown also for herself.

Sent by the Vault Enterprises company to the rescue of the mobil mining complex MRU2 with her squad, she'll have to guide her team through the perils of a harsh planet filled with dangerous creatures, unfriendly wastelands, and complex jungles. Along her way she'll uncover the secret behind the mysterious red crystals and reconstitute the puzzle of these events which will appear as mysteriously linked to the dark shadows of her own past. Eden Eclipse is not your normal gaming experience. This game will send shivers down your spine...

Eden Eclipse is being developed as a Mod for Unreal Tournament 2003. The freely available Mod will be a demo of the full version of the game, for which our intentions are to license the Unreal Engine and find a traditional publisher.

We have all the staff required as far as art is concerned (texs, skins, models, etc,...) but we need some additional mappers and coders to complete the team and speed up the creative process for phase3 of the MSUC

The mod website (with screens and other goodies) (http://www.edeneclipse.com)
Official forums (http://www.edeneclipse.com/community_forum.php)
Employment page (http://www.edeneclipse.com/contact_employment.php) :D

28th Feb 2004, 11:55 AM
We're currently looking for an animator: task will involve both characters and technical stuff (weapons, vehicles, etc,...)

Experience of the U-Engine is essential and having worked with Matinee a HUGE plus

Thanks to submit your application at the above mentioned adress :)