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14th Jan 2004, 05:16 AM

I co-lead one of the many mod teams trying to build a balanced team structure to build their creation with. The Total Conversion I work on with the excellent chaps that lend their talents has been around for about a year now, and since MSU has found it very hard to fill gaps left by team members who have had to move on because of other duties, and to fill some gaps that have always been there. So I write the following in hopes of filling these new and old gaps, and hopefully strengthening the serious mod community through the onslaught of demand brought by MSU.

Our staffing requires the following to be sucessful in our bold and vast project goals:

At least one Uscript knowledgable coder/programmer for developing gametypes and tuning AI
2-3 Mappers, to build the many goal oriented singleplayer missions designed and a handfull of maps for our multiplayer modes.
A sound engineer would be most helpful.

With that said, I would like to give you all some backround information about the projects status, design state, and goals.

Like I said, Crimson Strife has been in planning and development for 11 months now. Because of this, we have a full 70+ page highly descriptive design document laying out every portion of the game in its entirety to work from. Anything who has been on a team for just about anyone knows that communication is key, and Modding is certainly no exception. We hold ourselves to a system of forums, online chat, and weekly status reports to make sure that everyone always knows what is going on at any time. We hope to have our singleplayer campaign completed in its entirety at the end of 2004, and our multiplayer gametypes out for the public in a few months. We are addmittedly behind schedule on both counts, but with the needed staffing we can quickly obtain a position to fufill these goals. Ontime.

So, its probably about time those of you who have never heard about us are told what Crimson Strife is in the first place. I do belive the what is less important than the How and Why, but shoulnt be ignored all together by any means :lol: As stated Crimson Strife is a Single Player campaign and package of Multiplayer gametypes. Yes, it is a 'tactical shooter set in the future' but we honestly strive to be more than the cleche'. Unreal 2 was a great game in my opinon, but dreadfully short. And lacking in true depth. I suppose one could say that Crimson Strife is like Unreal 2, with XMP built in. We have designed our game around the princible that in the future, people still use tactics. Our gameplay is designed around using modern military gunfights and strategy, adapted for the combat of the future. The player will also be able to command around fellow squadsmen in a way that resembles the newly arrisen, Full Spectrum Warrior. The founder of the Mod, Mike 'MWGemini' Winters, has extensive military knowlege and backround allowing us to accurately portray these claims.

Ive shed some light on my opinons of the MSU contest and how it has affected the mod community. Since MSU every Joe and his brother has started a mod team, and as such, talent is spread pretty thin. My fellow teammates and I care less about the MSU prizes, and more about learning, interacting, and building a game that we would love to play. Because of this, we as a team embrace code and talent sharing/swapping. Few mod teams these days have the privilege of being fully staffed, but its hard to doubt that between the lot of us we have what we all need. Crimson Strife will share any of our code, discoveries or knowledge with any team who seeks it and we hope to aquire some of our nessasary code from an other teams who might share the same veiwpoint.

Well, thats the lot of it. A big thanks to everyone who took the time to read all of that, and happy modding/fragging to you all. I hope to hear any and all responses and to welcome a few new guys or gals to the team. Information below.

Crimson Strife - www.CrimsonStrife.com
IRC: irc.progameplayer.com #crimsonstrife

P.S. I have (re)compliled a large tutorial database on the Crimson Strife site. It really is an impressive collection. I hope that somebody will find it usefull. You can find it HERE (http://www.crimsonstrife.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=42)

Note: Thanks mostly to Lord Simeon and Luggage for compiling the links in the first place, and to the great folks over at www.unrealplayground.com