View Full Version : The Totally Random Cannon of Things

12th Jan 2004, 01:31 PM
Basically, the TRCoT is a big gun which fires out random things.. like a flak projectile, then a robo part, then a link proj, a minigun, a redeemer missile.... so on. It is TOTALLY random and uses everything. When the gun fires out weapons they do an extra 5 damage per damage that the weapon actually does. So, when the random cannon fires out a redeemer, it will do +50, but it flies slower and stops you from firing for 3 seconds. Everything thats fired from the cannon bounces about realistically, and for every bounce its -5 damage (just thought that up.. maybe not).

Totally Random Cannon of Things

Primary fire

Secondary fire : Fires a ball of stuff thats been squashed together, infact 5 items. Each item does the normal amount of damage, and all damage from the items is added up to the damage that the ball does.

This is a chart of what the damage is of the items ;


Shield Cannon

Assault rifle - 25 damage
-5 from damage score if bounces

Bio-rifle - 25 damage
-5 from damage score if bounces ;
If weapon bounces 3 times, weapon explodes with alot of bioglob.

Shock rifle

I'll try to post the damages of other items over the span of a month.