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10th Jan 2004, 04:44 PM
Can I have a list of maps with alternate escapes please? and could you tell me how to escape in some of them?

11th Jan 2004, 12:23 AM
Hmm, that's a tough one to answer completely.

Coret has one of the more obvious ones, there's a secondary switch in the main "foyer" out in front of the base that makes a platform in the jail rise up and allows jailed players standing on it to get out.

Gauntlet is supposed to have one although I've never managed it, it requires a human ladder to get up to a panel on the wall which opens slowly once someone is in contact (if you hammer up to it the panel opens slowly enough that you can't get it in before you fall back down).

Cavern-III has one you can hammer up into from the center of the jail quite easily.

War (not sure if it's still in rotations anywhere) has one where you press a button in the side room with the mirror which opens up a grate in the wall on the opposite side of the jail, you can them hammer up and through the opening, pretty tricky to pull off, I've only managed it twice.

There are a bunch more I'm sure but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

11th Jan 2004, 06:29 AM
Ancient: Human ladder needed to get into the escape route. Look up! ;)

AncientTitan: Open the hidden door in jail (with the switch next to it) and try to make it through the secret room by avoiding the arrows.

Command: Two jails per team. Each jail has a button on the ground (stand on it) that opens up the escape route door in the other jail. There a player needs to impact hammer up to cross the door and enter the escape route.

Deck16: Two player human ladder needed next to the tube/hole in one wall. Third player need to stand on the huge X on the floor and the top ladder player can trigger (shoot the target in tube) a jump mechanism so the third player gets pushed into a teleporter that randomly teleports the player into freedom or a cave full of sliths (25% chance).

Doom: Human ladder of 3 (?) needed underneath the hole in the ceiling. Make it and simply walk out of jail.

SkullDrudgery: Each jail consits out of two jail rooms. Each jailroom has a switch and a secret door (underneath the switch). If a player in one jailroom activates the switch the escape door in the other jailroom opens for a very short time and a second player has the chance to get into the escape route. If you are lucky you land on the rotating wooden bar and may make it to the exit (teleporter).

Pressurized: Next to the screen you'll find a ventilation shaft (ceiling). Impact hammer yourself up and use the translocator to escape (not easy).

SprinTitan: Very obvious. Climb the platform (human ladder or impact hammer) and jump to the escape door while avoiding the rocks and stones.

Niven: An escape door can be triggered from outside of the jails (water area in the middle) and the jailed players have to pass a floated pipe system to escape (better stay next to the switch to retrigger the doors if needed ... else: blub blub blub)

... the are more but I am too lazy now. :)

11th Jan 2004, 07:01 AM
Hehe, I DID IT on Gauntlet!!!!!, obviously with the help of others, including Sexmachine, Trueblood, Dalton, I think holding me up. Cant remember my assistants exactly. Anyway, it does work, and it can be done :D

Other maps with escapes:

Dreary: A push-button in jail opens a grate that you hammer up to to get out. Dont hang around too long in the small corridor just after the grate though - there are nasty fan blades on their way.

SkullDrudgery: A switch in each jail needs to be pressed, then a door quickly opens and closes. Go thru the door and hope you land on the rotating thing below to be able to reach an exit there. If you miss, you dissolve in the "fruit juice" ;) :lol:

Command: Again, 2 switches in each jail, press both, a grate opens up in the jails, hammer up and go thru. Another rotating thing, but you start in center and have to choose 1 teleport of the 8 rotating on the revolver. Some free you, others push you into the nasty liquid.

Deck16: One which i struggle to find why so few people can do this, or dont know about (since its even advertised on the screen in jail). A human ladder is needed by the little hole on one side of the jail. Top guy shoots switch at end of that tube, and if someone is standing DIRECTLY ON THE X, they are jumped up to a teleport. You have a 25% chance of freedom - the other 75% is a chance to meet some nasty monsters in the tank under the minigun area.

Ancient: A huge and fantastic set of escapes which the whole team can do, but I've never seen it done. Firstly, 2 people hammer up to the frame of the door. Next, they make a human ladder, and the top one crouch-walks thru to the switch, and presses it. A door which you cant miss opens (a trapdoor for the guy who pressed button), and everyone has ample time to get thru it. Firstly, there is a room with nasty monsters. Get passed them to a switch, which opens a door back where the monsters were. Get thru that door. Then you have to cross a bridge. Simple. Except if you fall, are shot by wall cannons, or are killed by a jealous enemy teammate shooting from their jail, nevermind. Those very lucky people who make it to the otherside have a very long drop to freedom. Lucky them though - a nice safe water pool saves them from death. I really want this one to be tried out online, since it requires the whole team to know exactly what to do, otherwise the monsters and wall cannons have it easy.

Doom: Never done really, since no one can be bothered. A human ladder up to a hole in ceiling. Walk through and drop in freedom.

EternalCave: Damn hard to do. Firstly, someone kills themself while hammering the 2 blocks in the jail to pieces. Next, someone else crouches in the corner, and other ppl can jump on and crouch-walk through. Then, they face the terrifying feat of a pupae. The best bet is to hammer it away to give you enough time to get the belt there. Get to the teleport, and enjoy freedom. Take a moment to apologise to your fellow inmates though - by doing this you spawn a nasty monster in the jail.

Mafia: A huge human ladder is needed i think. Either that or you need a super duper hammer jump up to a hole in the wall. Never seen done though.

Mutiny: Someone presses a switch behind the jail that moves a bookcase. This reveals another button, which they press, which opens the jail hatch. Prisoners have a chance to jump out.

Niven: Someone has to press the switch underwater by the tube, which allows prisoners to jump in that tube and swim out - as long as the free person presses the switch again to let the escapers out. Frequently the person in the tube ends up being the last man, since the free person gets killed if the other team is clever enough to realise whats going on. Nevermind.

Phasma: Still not sure if this is right or not, but: A free person (and as long if he ISNT the last man) walks into his team's escape tube to trigger a switch. In this time he is counted as jailed, so if he was last man he just walked into jail. Not clever. Anyway, when he walks into the green tube, the grating in the jail opens and allows people to escape. Watch out for enemy snipers though.

Pressurized: There is one, and I think you have to hammer up into the little corridor above the jails. Not entirely sure about this one though.

Rainmaker: Someone presses the switch on the other side of the map which opens the hatch in the jail. If you are on the hatch, why? You just get killed. Idiot. Anyway, jump down the huge hole and go into freefall. While you fall far too far, try to land in the "safety" of the goo pool. Needless to say, jump out as quick as possible, and if your lucky, grab the redeemer if its there. Get on the lift, and it will go up, eventually. If killed by floor cannons - tough. If lots of people jump out, try to let as many as possible on the freedom lift - it makes sense, unless your being shot by the cannons, of course.

SprinTitan: Hammer up to the window, jump out, and make your way to the windows at the otherside. If you stop to wave to the titan, he will promplty nail you with a rock, and he has infinite ammo. Keep going, and wait by the windows until they are open, then jump out. You are even advertised as escaping, so take a moment to revel in your glory.

AncientTitan: Press the button. A teleporter is revealed. Go thru it. You see a switch on the wall, so you are naturally inclined to shoot it. Good One. Watch your escape route disappear. It comes back though. Hehe, this can be a funny (but also frustrating thing for the other guy) to do if he is trying to escape across the narrow wooden blocks. Shoot the switch, and the other guy either falls into lava or becomes a pin-coushin. Why did you do that though? This is a teamgame! Anyway, get across, and then go thru the exit. ;)

I'm pretty sure thats all of em that are played on the mothership with escapes (+ the ones that birelli mentioned). So, on the other maps, tough. Your gonna have to play fair and let your teammates release you the proper way. Nevermind. Its all good fun.

11th Jan 2004, 10:27 AM
In the SprinTitan one, dodge onto the first pillar, then jump the rest.
If you jump down to the first platform, you will mostly likely fall in the slime.

11th Jan 2004, 10:32 AM
I've done Pressurized more times than I can count, once you get the hang of it it's not that hard, but that can take many frustrating attempts. Hammer up through the ceiling. This is the hard part, you have to move over in the air once you're clear of the opening, or you bounce of the ceiling and fall back into jail. Also, don't move over to far or the fan there will slice you into pieces. Once you make it up next to the opening, look for a light on the wall on your side of the fan, fire your translocator at it, there is a small opening there which you can shoot the puck through. Now, you're in a room with a bunch of tubes, translocate to the top, on one end of the room high on the wall (near the ceiling), there is another small opening, this one you can see though since there's no light over it. Again, shoot your translocator through the opening. This one's a bit harder to do, because you have to make it all the way through the opening to be able to succesfully translocate, this make take several attempts. Once you translocate RUN (move quickly) forward, you lose life from little gas jets in the small room you arrive in, at the end of it there is an opening, fall into it. If you went fast enough you lose a small enough amount of life that you will survive the fall, if you didn't, you're undoubtedly the last man alive on your team by now since this takes so long, so your team loses the round - Did I mention RUN? ;)

11th Jan 2004, 12:36 PM
Use your translocator more often Birelli. You don't need to run through the gas and it also saves you from the final jump (falling damage). ;)

12th Jan 2004, 11:37 PM
Gah, good point. Despite the large number of times I've done that one though I've only managed to actually free my team once, all the other times I've died on the way to the switch (I always end up being the last man), it's sort of an ideal escape in that it puts you in the middle where the defense has a solid chance to defend, and it takes a long time so it doesn't get out of hand at all.

24th Mar 2004, 05:14 PM
EternalCave: Damn hard to do. Firstly, someone kills themself while hammering the 2 blocks in the jail to pieces. Next, someone else crouches in the corner, and other ppl can jump on and crouch-walk through. Then, they face the terrifying feat of a pupae. The best bet is to hammer it away to give you enough time to get the belt there. Get to the teleport, and enjoy freedom. Take a moment to apologise to your fellow inmates though - by doing this you spawn a nasty monster in the jail.

you shouldn't be able to get the sheild belt, its a trap. also if you look at the floor you should ntoice there tiled, follow the right tiles to freedom (and don't spawn the monster) :D

also for war to make the alt esc easier shoot the fan above the window (that way can hammer jump a bit higher).

also another map I'm kinda surprised no one mentioned is JB-1337 (which imo is the best alt esc I made). open one of the doors in jail (I htink its the one with the mirrror), there is a hole in the ground somewehere. crawl into the hole. the hole brings to a wind tunnle, you want to go in but get into the side entrance (if you let the wind blow you to the end you hit the red button that closes the alt escape, kills you and spawns a monster in the jail to your cell mates will get pissed at you :p). if you pass the wind tunnle your brought to a hall with 2 mini stone titans guarding it. there is some elctric field in the hall. if you touch the eltric field you don't die (at least I don't think I killed you, but it does do everything else hitting the red button does). run past the stone titans to freedom

14th May 2004, 04:53 PM
which was the one that had the moving metal walls you had to time to get through? it was a military type map with 2 bunkers each side, medium sized, jails and release switches at the back of the bunkers.

14th May 2004, 10:10 PM
JB-MilitiaThunder (http://nalicity.beyondunreal.com/map_hub.php?mid=5752), by DireIce

3rd Jun 2004, 08:41 AM
Are there any escapes in the UT2k4 JB maps?? If so would anyone care to enlighten a new fan :)

3rd Jun 2004, 08:05 PM
Don't think so in the release maps - not in my ones anyway - but there will be in the other maps I have coming up :)

6th Jun 2004, 08:49 PM
i look forward to seeing ut2k4 escape routes. in the meantime, does anybody know where i could get some 2004 maps?