View Full Version : question about ASE exporters

9th Jan 2004, 12:13 PM
i'm trying my hand at mapping a U2 XMP level, but the XMP UEd will only allow .ase imports for static meshes. i've tried a freeware translator but it doesn't work all that well -- it ignores materials/textures. i've even tried hacking the .ase file to get better results, but that's not a great solution even if i can make it work.

so -- any recommendations on .ase exporters? i'll be using MilkShape for the original modeling and expxorting either .lwo or .3ds for conversion.

i see that UltimateUnwrap3D has .ase export functionality -- does anyone know how well it works? i can use a good unwrapping app as well, would be nice to have it export useable .ase files as well.