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30th Dec 2003, 10:23 AM
What about a level that the playerstarts are in these movers that follow a track around a mario kart level, and only when the players guide their karts over them do they get powerups?

imagine trying to drive and gun at the same time. a trigger would be on the finish line that appears once in a while that kills all teh other players not on the finish line as punishment for their poor mapping... er , driving skills! :)

31st Dec 2003, 01:20 AM
Funny coincidence, I just got finished cursing at Double Dash for about an hour. :rant: :rant: It gets frustating being blown up by 2 blue shells at the finish line. Oh well, back to yelling at Need for Speed (..F@#&ing traffic...) :rant: :rant:

Sorry the map....er...if you were to trigger a mover it would follow a set path made by the mapper. No control for the rider. Vehicles (UT2004) would have to be used. Its possible in UT2003 but don't expect anything. The idea of the map is funny but in the end it would need a lot of work to make it worth a download. Would probably be better as a mod. Unreal Speed in carts anyone? Although I do wish I could send a rocket up Mario and Yoshi's...hmm.. :rl: excuse me please..

31st Dec 2003, 06:08 PM
lol no i was thinking that there would be a "left, center, and right" side that controled whether you turned or just moved foward. i thought of a problem however - you move into a wall then what? quote xan, You die too easily!