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13th Feb 2000, 10:20 PM
Well heres mine. Stand on the edge of a lift. When it goes up jump off and you'll fly super high. It acts as a spring board!!!

13th Feb 2000, 10:31 PM
I have one, but its kinda lame,...anyway
If you have the flag in ctf, and need to get up a small ledge, but you just cant make the jump, or you dont have the health for the special jump, you could try this. Fire the translocator up onto the ledge, then try and jump up to it backwards, with your back to the ledge. At the apex of the jump, transport to the translocator thingee, if your lucky the flag will fall off your back up onto the ledge, well....yeah, I know its lame, but I got it to work :P haha

13th Feb 2000, 10:33 PM
Prrrrrrrrggggggggg. Em, here's something that isn't such a secret but you never know, someone out there might not know...

The creaters of Unreal and UT favor the left hand position for the weapon. If you pull out Unreal and set the weapon to left hand, you will notice a slight increase in the detail of the weapon. Same in UT. Pick left hand, then get a shock rifle. I don't have to point out the difference. Then look at the Enforcer, it's at a slightly better position than the right hand one. This is true for many weapons. Why do you think the choice is there in the first place? LEFTIES! Heffppp, I use the left hand set up for that extra little detail here and there.

Ok, ok, I have tooooooo much time on my hands. I need to get a FULL-TIME job. /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif



14th Feb 2000, 12:35 AM
My secret is I don't tell people my secrets!


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14th Feb 2000, 01:35 AM
My secret is this: I kinda like to wear ladies underwear. /~unreal/ubb/html/wink.gif

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