View Full Version : Experienced Mapper needed for Quad CTF Mod

26th Dec 2003, 04:27 PM
I'm looking for someone to develop a 4 team ctf map for me, to be included in the first release of my new mod (based on Quad TDM). I only require one map, but I won't say no if more than one person wants to develop a map for the mod. :)

I'm pretty easy going when it comes to deadlines (I don't use them very often) but I would like to get the mod into phase 3 of the MSU contest, and therefore I need a decent map included with it.

I have a very basic sample map that I have created, so I could test my code, but it isn't really suitable for proper gameplay. Hence the reason why I'm looking for an experienced mapper. :D

16th Jan 2004, 11:41 AM
Go to a mapper site, I'm sure you'll find support there. I'll be startled if you can pull it off tho, UT doesn't have the nice 4-colour system that old UT did which allowed 4 team action from the get-go.

19th Jan 2004, 05:27 AM
The mod is already done. I just want to release it with a decent map to show it off.