View Full Version : FACE-Icedude (recovered version)

24th Dec 2003, 01:29 PM
I can't get the original thread back, so....

You have an opportunity-take advantage of it.
Wes doesn't do this very often.
Fix what can be fixed quickly and ask Wes to run your new version--then go and fix some more--get help if you can/need it.

So far he has only given this opportunity to one other map.

Ignore any outright flames and come get some constructive criticisim.
If you are a serious mapper, this is a knock-knock on the door.GL.

I thought this post got losted---------consider this SPAM!!!!!

I do wish Icedude would hurry up and get the fixed version out. The problem is he hasn't taken down the link to the old version so more and more people are coming back to complain about the bad frame-rates and corrupt bridge textures.