View Full Version : The Next Generation of Maps

23rd Dec 2003, 10:08 AM

I thought up this idea just like 5 minutes ago, its called Use Map Settings maps. Basically, its triggers. Si when you destroy something, kill someone/something, walk to a place which sets off a trigger, something will happen.

E.g. maybe there could be UMS Bombing Run, so when you think your safe and leggin' it to the enmy hoop with the ball, just as you go trhough the enemy door to the room with the hoop, hodes of aliens stop you from chucking the ball. And, also aliens appear when you grab the ball form the middle.

UMS Capture the Flag maybe interesting. Running through into the enemy flagroom will cause maybe a warlord to spawn.

UMS Team DM... Well... This could have bunchs of monsters spawning randaomly over the map, some allied and some hostile.

24th Dec 2003, 12:34 PM
Sorry about the late reply, BU's been down quite a fair bit recently, or not working correctly.

The gametypes sound like an interesting idea. I imagine the code to spawn monsters around flag bases wouldn't be too hard to do, although I'm not sure about team ownership.. or balance. :p