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22nd Dec 2003, 09:16 AM
So me and a chummer beat System Shock 2 a week or so ago, but since I downloaded our copy we missed out on all of the non-ingame cutscenes. Now, the game kicked ass. I was totally stoked at how much ass it kicked. The last half of the game was definitely not nearly as cool as the first half, but aside from the jumping bull**** it was still halfway enjoyable (except for getting attacked by random geometry, that was just plain ****ing retarded)
Well, we had beat the game with no cutscenes... so once we finally put SHODAN down to rest it kicked us straight to the main menu. We were both a bit confused for a second, but we just sorta shrugged it off. We were just happy that we had gotten out of The Many.
Point of the story: I finally found my copy of the game and we watched the cutscenes... I just want it to be known that the ending was much cooler when we had to make it up for ourselves (in one saucy version SHODAN moved on to porn *rawr* :mwink: )
This is a direct quote of what he said:
I think the ending is stupid. I know they want to setup the next game, but I dont want to run around for 20 hours just to keep the world safe for 3 minutes.
its all painfully obvious that they just wanted to set up the next game... but for christs sake. He pinned it right. We wasted a good 25 hours on the game just to have the bitch come back 5 minutes after we completely hosed her (seriously. I hacked the panels and he completely unloaded on her with EMP grenades. It would have been pathetic if we didnt like the game as much as we did)
But... looking at a few of our current games... its the same ****. The ending cutscene shows off some fancy blowing up effects... but no more than halfway through the cutscene our most hated adversary, that bastard who was taunting us the whole time, is right back in action causing trouble. Why, oh why, do developers do this? Cannot we enjoy vanquishing our foe for at least 10 minutes or something? Wouldnt it be a better idea on their part to sort of tell the player "Oh yeah, you totally whooped ass. Damn good job my friend!" then, when you release the sequel, explain to them in the opening sequence "yeah, you remember that part where you did the thing? Yeah, if you would have paid a little bit of attention you would have noticed that the badguy totally cheated and hauled ass the hell out of there while you were hitting worms with wrenches"

I dunno, i guess im a bit bitter that the end of that game was totally ****ed up by its associated cinematics..

Oh, and one of the guys who worked on System Shock 2 went on to work on Postal 2. Kinda goes to figure huh? The game that introduced me to my newfound hatred for psychic monkeys and space bees was also worked on by a guy who introduced me to peeing on random people then whacking their heads off with shovels.

22nd Dec 2003, 04:46 PM
At least you got to play it. It kept crashing every few minutes when I downloaded it.