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22nd Dec 2003, 05:56 AM
Deathball is currently looking for 3 more coders.

For Deathball 2.0 we plan to include a large and extensive, interactive tutorial which will cover all aspects of Deathball. We hope that this will make the game more accesible and enjoyable for new players. The design of the tutorial is finished.

We'd also like to enhance the offline experience by improving the AI.

Lately new Deathball releases include 2 new gametypes: Deathball Warfare and Deathball Tennis. We're looking for someone who is willing to work on these two gametypes.

If you would like to work on either one of those contact me (jeroen@mysticgd.com). You will be working closely with DavidM and me.

We hope to hear from you,

22nd Dec 2003, 06:05 AM
"You will be working closely with DavidM"
why scare people away? :D

doh, just ignore me plz