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18th Dec 2003, 07:03 PM
Lots of exciting things on the development front since our last update. Our new team members are working hard and it's really starting to show.

First up we have the Flak 88, modelled and skinned by Rob, CaD is showing the forest camo skin off in his dev log, which you can find here (http://www.thethirdreich.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1594), we will showcase the other skin in our next update.

Also some exciting news on the mapping front, where Seanboy is nearing completion of his second level, some nice screenshots posted below, still W.I.P. but it should give you a good idea on how it will look finished.

Thanks to Jaeg and Silky we will be able to showcase our finished weapons ingame soon enough (the Colt 1911 and M1A1 for starters). Basically what we're doing now is getting the positioning of the weapons correct ingame, it will be a lot more different than it was as in TTR: UT version, so stay tuned...

Craigby, our player modeller, is currently working on skinning the German soldier, it looks fantastic already, and we hope we can show this beauty soon enough. More details to follow in next update.

As a final note I'd also like to highlight the fact that we are still interrested in expanding our team a little bit, more precisely we're looking for people in the following areas:
- 3D Design: experience with either Maya or 3DS Max is preferred, line of work will be mostly static meshes, weapons, vehicles. Unwrap knowledge is preferred.
- Mapping: extensive knowledge of UED 3.0 is required.
- Sound Engineering: needed for a wide variety of sound effects.
- Coding: more specifically we are looking for an "environment and effects programmer", who will work closely with our level designers to create things like exploding trees, artillery, NPC tanks, planes etc.

If you think you can contribute to the project and would like to join our dedicated team, send us an mail at Stryker@thethirdreich.com.

As a little recap, if you haven't registered on our forums (http://www.thethirdreich.com/forum/) yet, now is the time to do so, the reason for this will become clear as we progress.
Be sure to browse around our portal (http://www.thethirdreich.com/forum/portal.php) site, especially the media section (http://www.thethirdreich.com/forum/album.php) for goodies.
http://www.thethirdreich.com/images/2k4/level001small.jpg (http://www.thethirdreich.com/images/2k4/level001.jpg) http://www.thethirdreich.com/images/2k4/level002small.jpg (http://www.thethirdreich.com/images/2k4/level002.jpg) http://www.thethirdreich.com/images/2k4/level003small.jpg (http://www.thethirdreich.com/images/2k4/level003.jpg)