View Full Version : Digital Bloc Looking for Writers

17th Dec 2003, 11:25 AM

Is a site that I started with a couple of friends of mine, we do mostly tech/game news/ Our tagline is shamelessly stole from Borders, "tech | games | movies | life" instead of "books | movies | music | cafe". We're looking to expand and get new contributors with original content. For example, we made a cardboard Case Mod and We can't offer you money, but we'll give you free webspace and your own e-mail address.
We don't really give assigments or have deadlines, but posting at least once or twice is recommended. We have a small but tightly knit following and we'd love to see it grow.

Anyone willing to review music/games would be especially welcome.

If you're interested email art@digitalbloc.com

I came here, because this one of the best online communites I've ever found.