View Full Version : Possible scrim with {=TLA=}

5th Dec 2003, 01:27 AM
{=TLA=}Orbit suggested this:

Monday, December 8th 2003 @ 9:00pm

I wish to know who could make it and who can't. We have never fought against them and I think it would be fun to play with these guys a lil more (They seem like a great bunch of peeps).

9:00 pm EST is pretty much the earliest time they can play due to work, family, etc...

If you wish for the scrim to take place another day I'm sure they will see no objections to it.



5th Dec 2003, 01:42 AM
This is fine for me, but of course BC will not like the time, lol. :lol:

:mad: <- BC

5th Dec 2003, 01:48 AM
I've been wanting to scrim these guys for a while too. Sunday or Monday will be my best day for this one.

5th Dec 2003, 06:10 AM
If we change this to a Fri. or Sat. then BC can make the later hours. If we change it to Wed. then Steel has problems with the late hours. If we change it to Sat. then ICE has problems. You see where this is going right?? Its hit or miss DEV, and we can't make everyone happy. BC understands this and so should the rest of the Assassins.

I would like some of are newer members to get in on the SCRIM for the experience factor. KillerX, Meat, Kitty, Iggy... Whats your schedules look like?

I will be available for the SCRIM and yes TLA would be fun to SCRIM??

5th Dec 2003, 07:50 AM
Hey Monday is my day off as always and i'll be there for sure
great time too kids are in bed (oupss i don't mean you Bc i mean my kids :-) )

so they won't bother me while playin !!!

for sure i'll be there workin my way up to beta assasins

Tla here i come !

5th Dec 2003, 09:20 AM
This is fine for me, but of course BC will not like the time, lol. :lol:

:mad: <- BC

STFU I'm coming anyway...just to keep you under control.

5th Dec 2003, 09:52 AM
Then it's settled. I'll tell Orbit that monday is fine.

5th Dec 2003, 03:24 PM
Holy ****! Talk about a change between beta and gamma. I can't decide if i like it or not.

5th Dec 2003, 11:34 PM
Dec 8th is good for me.