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4th Dec 2003, 10:50 PM
This was posted elsewhere with a focus on several mods for 2k3 to possibly be changed at a later point in to a potential total conversion...

But these are questions that I had relating to the engine itself...
I'm looking at the possibility of doing a total conversion, but I need to know how extensable the engine is?

(And yes I'm just starting out.)

Currently in the game you have weapons on a list 1-10+. Can you make it so that instead of a single list those are catagories? IE ENERGY (And THAT has guns like Link, Shock, Sniper in it) and then another of BULLET (And those have Mini, Assult and RL.)

How hard would it be for a player to pick up a single item and have it apply to a single gun (IE Faster firing rate, more damage, Farther distance, etc. ) instead of the whole attack class... ?

I understand that each character seems to be identified individually, but what about the groups are they also uniquely identified... IE I want to be able to give Juggernauts more armor; but the Necro's minor regen, etc.

Maps are limited on how big they can be... Is there any way to expand the maps so that I could have something the size of a 'Tribes 2' map. (Ok so what I want to be able to do it is a full TOWN with buildings and all... )

Related to maps... Is can I have 'warp' zones which would take you to OTHER servers... ? IE I have a dueling area setup... (6 compressed maps together on one map... But with connections on the outside so other players could actually wander around to each dual to watch. And the winners of those games go in to one server to fight amoung themselves... and the loosers stay there or can go to a different server. But you CAN'T get to the new/other servers until you've competed in THIS one.)

Another quesion is 'sound' distance for talking... I know that they way that it's done in game is that you have communications devices that let you talk across map... but is it possible to change things so that you are heard only x distance away. (For the possibility of 'talking' to another player? )

Bots - How extensable/adabtable can you make them individually... ? (IE I have 4 bots and the players beat up on 1 and 4... so THOSE two get better... but 2 & 3 don't... And also having the bots recognize each other and so NOT to take on themselves as much as hunting the human players.)

The OTHER question is the max players of 32 limit... Is that possible to be changed? (And why is that limit there... ? Would be fun to have a map of 32+ BOTS and then the human players come in... )

[SAS]Solid Snake
6th Dec 2003, 03:25 AM
Is this project going to be a game that will be distributed?