View Full Version : ChaosUT2 Seeks Help With Player Animations

3rd Dec 2003, 01:54 PM
Hi there,

with its last release (PR2.0 which can be downloaded from our home page: http://www.planetunreal.com/chaotic) we were able to add in melee combat that uses custom 3rd person animations to drive the combat system. Most of the animations were our first pass place holders until we can come up with others. We only have one person on the team that has the talent to do player animations. However he is very busy with Real-Life and does much more than just animations for the team (GFX for HUDs, Models, ect). Factor that in with the upcoming Holiday season and it is very unlikely we can do much with the current sent of animations for a long time. We are seeking the services of someone that can help us redo the current set of animations we have for 3d person melee combat and add some more new 3rd person (for the Katana/daggers) as well as 1st animations for melee combat. Please feel free to contact me at (PM me) for any of the details. Thanks for your time.