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1st Dec 2003, 02:06 PM
More weapons. Uhhhhh. Boooooorrrinnnngggg.

Mortom Cannon Custom mesh - Superweapon

Primary fire : Fires a massive flaming comet which shoots across the map, and explodes in a big bad BOOOMMMM. Chargable. Not incredably controllable

Secondary fire : Not really very controllable. Fires 5 ricocheting small Mortom comets.

Extra fire (Mouse3) : Mounts the cannon, so it doesnt wobble about while charging/firing. Firemode can be changed for people with mice with only 2 buttons (get modern stuff, hippies).

Emerentarus Constructer Custom mesh - In the stile of the Sentinel

Primary Fire : Deploys a cannon which when it detects an enemy, fires a small heatseeking missile which seeks out the enemy. It leaves a blue trail, and looks a bit like rdeemer missile, but more like a cartoon spacerocket, only way, way, way smaller. Can bbe build on walls, cielings, and floors. but its smaller when on walls and ceilings, and depends on the position of the holder which type of cannon it deploys.

Secondary fire : Switchs between the 2 modes - Offencive and Constructive. Offensive explained below.

Emerentarus Constructer - Offencive mode Custom mesh - covers all of the bottom of the HUD

Primary fire : Fires a heatseeking missile, like the Emer " cannon fires. OOnly exection is it fires a tiny bit faster and does a tiny bit more damage.

You know what secondary does.

Right, I'm out of brianpower, I lost myself in the Emer " Con " that I can't think :D .