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1st Dec 2003, 09:54 AM
im one of those wiredo's that wants to login as the admin to a surver but cant.

i got a few questions.

if i host a game, am i instantly logged in as the admin?
if so, why dont any of the commands work?

if not.
when i host the game, i click on the "surver" tab in the "host new game" or something in the main menu.. i set the surver name to something like "tim" and the password to something like "random". then once ive clicked "start game" i then bring down the console and type "adminlogin tim random" right? and my name shoudl change from yellow to red on the score bored?
if so, why doesnt it work?

im running ut2003, v2555.
with ttmv3..something.. im pretty sure its the latest version.

does my surver need to be dedicated?
does my name need to be the same as the admin name?
should i use my name instead of the admin name eg "adminlogin purity random"? (if my nickname was purity).

i cant figure it out.. all the faq's and stuff i found on the web say it should work.. but it doest.

i dont understand.

13th Dec 2003, 08:43 AM
step one: uninstall UT2k3
step 2: re-install UT
step 3: realize how much better UT is

15th Dec 2003, 06:49 AM
hmmm... to do that im also gonna need to uninstall ut... i could do that, but it'll be a huge bother to goto all the effort to install it again.

i love ut, but i only play it instagib ctf... which is awsome, but doesnt leave much room for other game types...
anyway, the only two good game types ever in games are death match, death match mode three, capture thy flag and ctf instagib... assult, dom in ut sucked (AS was alright.. but not worth playing online), dubble dom and bombing run in 2k3 are just anal.. i hate them.

but as a death match game, ffa or 1on1, quake1 is the best, then ut2003... sorry, but i hated the ffa death match in ut99... flack is to common and the rockets are to slow.

15th Dec 2003, 06:53 AM
nope.. that didnt work sorry pacman guy... ut is good, but im having alot of trubble realizing that ut is better... i just cant do it... mabey it needs faster rockets and dodge tricks... if it was up to me, id take the flack cannon out of both games...