View Full Version : Unreal Engine X-Mas Editing Competition

1st Dec 2003, 07:26 AM
Thierry’s Unreal Place is running an editing competition for Unreal Engine games, like Unreal Tournament 2003, to celebrate christmas and to celebrate the upcoming opening of the site. If you're able to make any sort of addon for one of the featured Unreal Engine games you can join.

What are the rules? Well, easy, make an addon that has something to do with christmas, then go to http://killah.daaw.org/unreal/xmas.php and fill out the form.

Categories are: Best map, Best skin, Best model, Best voice pack, Best mutator, Best mod and Best addon by game. Winners get a nice present for christmas with some fun stuff in it (I'm not going to tell you what, because then it's no suprise anymore). The closing date is December 15.

For more info go to http://killah.daaw.org/unreal/xmas.php