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22nd Nov 2003, 10:55 PM
I already posted this in the coding forum and it was suggested that this question be posted here...

I have modelled a weapon and exported it with ActorX in 3dsMax. I got the code working ok, weapon's in-game, fires, etc just fine, but I have a problem...

The muzzle flash is askew and as you may have guessed, it's due to the 'can't find bone 'blah'' error.

That's not the problem, as I have found many a tutorial to teach about how to use the mesh properties in the animation browser to set up the 'sockets' to create the alias and assign the bone.

Here's the weird thing: The package won't save the property changes! I have tried a hundred times, read and re-read every tute on how to assign a bone in the mesh properties, to no avail!! I have exported and re-exported using a literal bone in Max as well as a piece of polygonal geometry and called it 'Bone_flash', and becaouse of this, my weapon fire looks completey stupid.

Has anyone had this issue before and of so, would they kindly point me in the direction of either a) a tute that suggests a different method of creating the bone alias or b) how the heck to get it to save my .ukx package?

Thanks and sorry for wasting space with 2 identical posts.

23rd Nov 2003, 01:17 AM
Funny how once you post the question, you figure out the answer:)

If you're wondering, it it necessary to select the ApplyNewSockets to 'true'.

Though the selection doesn't change, it commits the new socket to your package.

Not very intuitive, but I hope someone here finds this info useful.