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22nd Nov 2003, 09:45 AM
Boomtown posted an interview with the Tactical Ops Server Tool (TOST) team:

What are according to you TOST's most significant improvements over the years?

- MadOnion: Considering cheating will always be possible and our only chance is to stay ahead of the 2% of cheaters that actually have any brains, the most important improvements are of course the modules for administrating a server. Aside from admins not having to memorize all commands anymore we have added a number of commands that make life so much more enjoyable.
- BugBunny: From a coders point of view definitely the modular design of TOST4 -for admins there are too many highlights to pick one specific I think.
- DiLDoG: Definitely the step to TOST4: the modular piece support.
- PhyrePhox: The readme of course! Just kidding. Well, modular/pieces support, ALL tools, especially this new Dynamic Package thingy, and, uhm, well, toooo much to say here. But at the same time I'm angry @ TOST, since I don't have a server anymore to use all that great new features with ^^

Read more about TOST, which is proudly hosted here on BeyondUnreal!