View Full Version : First Look: Black Widow

22nd Nov 2003, 02:39 AM
Well, we've posted about Black Widow one other time, but we'll count this as our first full look at it, mmkay?

Black Widow is a team-based multiplayer mod built off Unreal technology. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic European setting, BW will strike a balance between realistic and arcade style gameplay, while pushing the envelope of mod design. Our core team has developed internally playable builds, and the project is 30% complete. Public releases to follow.

The team is currently looking for qualified individuals (with examples of work, please) to assist with the mod. If you are interested contact franklin_beans@planetunreal.com. Include links to your work.

Mappers (3 positions) - Experience creating maps for UT2003, Ability to optimize maps, Mappers who can create their own meshes are a huge plus
2D Texture Artists (3 positions) - Must have working knowledge of UT2k3 Engine / UnrealED, Must have understanding of tileable textures, Able to make a variety of materials (stone, steel, weathered building surfaces, etc.)
3D Modelers (2 positions) - Experience with Maya or 3DS Max, Modelers who only have experience with other modeling packages will be required to convert models to UED compatible format, Experience modelling for the Unreal Engine, Modeler will build real-world objects in low-to-medium poly count and will be required to work closely with mappers, Ability to "unwrap" your own models for skinners.
If interested, please submit samples.
Skinners (3 positions) - Experience skinning static meshes (weapons, pickups, world objects, etc.), Experience skinning character models, Skinners with "unwrapping" experience a big plus.
Sound engineer (1 position) - Ability to generate ambient sounds (crowd noise, battle sounds, explosions, etc.), Will be recording dialogue from script