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16th Nov 2003, 07:08 PM
ive only been back into editing for the last month (still editing for UT cuz in my opinion its better gameplay and the editing doesnt come as easily as with 2K3)....... and ive gone through a few ideas and ended up doing the one i left off with...... :) trying to improve it of course..... tell me what you think...... plz be gentle ;)


Author: SilvaOne (ME!!!:D)

EDIT:its still a beta so i havnt got all the buildings right and all the textures etc.......

17th Nov 2003, 01:38 PM

Its a box. The whole map... or it seems... you could try and get more things at the walls - even if pointing for a concentration-camp-type-of-thingy, you could add extra barracks or other buildings, so that it won't immediatly look has a cube.

Again, if you're into "realistic" look, you could reconsider the buildings construction - i mean, made them look a little more real, even if just abandoned brick constructions.

The room with the Redeemer seems just corny. It's not real and it has a bunch of usuall junk some people throw in to make it look good. It's not. Get rid of it. If that's a sample of what you did/will do for other rooms, then re-think.

NOTE that i had in mind that textures are not definitive, and that this is but a "demo" - if you will - of what you´re doing.

The best thing in it though, is that "real" looking pond with the stream coming out of it (or is the other way around ;) ). Did you use that black/white 2D image tool to make it? I bet you did.

Other thing is, the 2nd picture. It shows what you SHOULD NOT do in the open, meaning, a bunch of trees without anything else, and on flat terrain (c´mon!). Also, the lava "fountain" with the Nali. Not good. At least change it to water...

That's my opinion.
I hope you take it has a constructive crithic (spelling?), as i'm not here to bash your work, just to help make it better.

17th Nov 2003, 02:17 PM
the trees were just a test.......:( sorry to say i did them...... i cant use the terrain brush..... i just cant edit the vertices to my liking..... they never look like other peoples terrain! i wish i could.......! yes i did use 2d shape editor ;) and extruded to a bevel....... if i made the pit water the whole danger point of getting the damage amplifier would be lost.... so i cant do that...... im adding more buildings as we speak......

hopefully my next level will be better..... im sorry i posted :'( lol

- Silva

22nd Nov 2003, 02:43 PM
Looking good, imo. Not a mapper myself, but after some more textures and stuff gets added, I believe it would be an enjoyable little map.

22nd Nov 2003, 09:04 PM
why thank you kind sir... but im not workin on this one ne more.... it will be ifnished another time..... right now im trying to make my school lol :)
fun fun fun