View Full Version : Mesh Import Corrupts Animations

12th Nov 2003, 06:33 PM
I made a character model, skinned it, rigged it to the Merc skeleton, exported it with ActorX, and imported into a UT2003 animation package. The problem is that whenever the mesh animates, the animations are slightly corrupted. The feet slide around on the floor and the animations dont run much of the time ingame. The weird thing is that I tried just importing it into the default UT2003 Merc package and using the skeleton right there, but it still corrupts all the animations even though I didn't even import any animation data! If I switch back to a default mesh its fine, but when my mesh is used the feet slide around and it looks odd.

I tried using the physique modifier instead of skin, no good.

Has anyone heard of this error? How do I fix it?

13th Nov 2003, 12:21 PM
have you checked the log for any warnings or errors that might be helpful in tracking the prob?