View Full Version : Setting up Maya (not a correct version of Actor X?)

5th Nov 2003, 04:54 PM
I need help on how to get Maya PLE to export meshes. I downloaded version 5, so the old unEditor.mll file doesn't work anymore. RIght? So I look around on the udn site, and I understand that I need the ActorX plugin or something. So downloaded the 5.0 version, place the mll file in the plug in director, and when I open Maya and try to load the plugin, it says

"Error: The plug-in could not be loaded. The Personal Learning Edition of Maya can only load plug-ins that are built specifically for the Personal Learning Edition. Plug-ins built for other version"

Edit: I guess I just go back to verion 4.

6th Nov 2003, 02:48 PM
None of the Maya PLE versions now available will work with ActorX, or any other plug-in except those downloaded or shipped with the app version (such as unEditor.mll with Maya 4.0.1PLE).

For now, v4 + unEditor.mll is your only option.