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4th Nov 2003, 06:51 PM
another armor idea

you have parts of armor randomly spawned on the map, kinda of like runes, each is a different part of the armor, each provides complete protection, a helmet that completly protects the head, a brestplate that completly protects the torso, gauntlets/gloves and thighpads/boots. Of course, since each piece provies complete protection, the idea is to get the complete set.

3 Varients of the idea:

1, winner is the person who gets all the armor, he/she is then invincible and can spend the rest of the time limit of the match kicking everyones ass.

2. There are 2 complete suits out there, so 2 of the people fighting can try and get complete sets, then they can duke it out, perhaps also have some sort of dedicated anti-armor gun, so people who didnt manage to get the suits. Perhaps anti-armor gun only unlocked after a full suit is collected.

3. Each part of the suit could be part of a powered armor. The Boots could be jump boots, thigh pads increase running speed, helmet provides targeting. Etc and so forth. Full set would provide a tremedious increase in killing potential.


5th Nov 2003, 02:26 PM
I remember you telling me to make something like this once when I was asking people for ideas and doing nothing with them. Except the battery gun.

5th Nov 2003, 04:48 PM
I never said it was a new idea. I think it goes back to the origional unreal.