View Full Version : Esc - 3D chat, music and dancing

2nd Nov 2003, 04:12 PM
Esc http://www.esconline.org is a mod for UT that takes out all the shooting and turns UT into 3D chat with streaming audio, push-buttons-to-dance, and a few other things. It's the only UT mod I know of that's not just "run around and shoot." This means the people can stop and admire the map design, take time to play with objects you create, etc.

At the moment, we have most of the basics down and it's actually cool to hang out with your friends, listen to music, chat and dance.

Now that the framework's in place, we need more content. In particular, some things that would be fun to have:

- A pill that makes you run faster and/or jump higher
- A pill that gives you trailers or other visual effects (like of spells in Final Fantasy)
- A jack in the box
- Animate the lights, and synchronize them to the music
- Scripted band: pick your favourite song, and reuse some character models for band members. Figure out a sequence of animations that makes them look like they're playing instruments, singing, etc.
- Add song info and music server status to HUD
- Display/browse the song list
- Vote for the next song

And whatever else you can think of. The possibilities really are endless, and we could really use your help...

Our design doc (which is a little old) is at http://www.esconline.org/DesignDoc.html

Download Esc, give it a try, and if you think of something you'd like to see, please consider adding it!

- Spanky