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28th Oct 2003, 12:21 PM
Official website (http://www.untow.com/cbp2003/)

Screens (http://www.ina-community.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=328432)

- .ut2mod file (http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetunreal/unrealedsdesign/cbp2003.zip)
- .zip file (http://www.utleague.com/downloads/cbp2003rpk.zip)

Enjoy! :D

28th Oct 2003, 07:31 PM
at last, some quality dumped onto the community!

28th Oct 2003, 09:49 PM
Yes, it is very nice indeed.

29th Oct 2003, 01:42 PM
I've already asked this on the main BuF forum UT2003 area (haven't checked there today yet), but any chance we can get a zip with a text file that tells what files go with what maps? :D

29th Oct 2003, 01:51 PM


***Not compiled by us*** (may have some issues though none have been reported yet...)

Have fun! :D

29th Oct 2003, 06:50 PM
Man, just played through about half of the maps.....priceless

29th Oct 2003, 07:57 PM
Unless it's a new file, those don't tell me which files go with each map either.

29th Oct 2003, 08:32 PM
***Not compiled by us*** (may have some issues though none have been reported yet...)


29th Oct 2003, 08:42 PM
I know it is not Ideal, but if you really need to know which file goes with which maps, you could download Unrdelete, run it, and just check each map individually, select delete, a dialogue box will pop up, telling which files belong to the selected map, then just make note, and click cancel, and repeat. The only things it won't pick out are what goes in the system folder and animations folder, but that is just basicaly the 2 angelfire files (system), 1 angelfire file(animations) for the mutator, nothing to do with the maps really. I know it's a bit convoluted, and far from Ideal, but if you gotta know, and you have no other choice............................


Its a handy little app anyway, but I am sure GUI could point you in the right direction for the info you seek

29th Oct 2003, 08:44 PM
but I am sure GUI could point you in the right direction for the info you seek

hmmm, lol, I guess not :lol:

30th Oct 2003, 08:52 AM
I got a thread at the main BuF forum and Luggage has helped out a lot. I still have a couple questions, but I'm well on my way now! :D


2nd Nov 2003, 12:48 AM
OK, here's my scores for the maps:

BR-CBP-Breaklimit >> 7.5
CTF-CBP-Betrayal >> 7
CTF-CBP-Concentrate >> 6.5
CTF-CBP-Ferris >> 7.5
CTF-CBP-TechDream >> 7
DM-CBP-Arkanos >> 8.5
DM-CBP-AugustNoon >> 8
DM-CBP-BlackJackal >> 7
DM-CBP-Downgrave >> 7.5
DM-CBP-Elegance >> 7
DM-CBP-Emperor >> 7.5
DM-CBP-Finale >> 8
DM-CBP-GoldenDawn >> 6
DM-CBP-Ougaldwin >> 7
DM-CBP-Shifter >> 7
DOM-CBP-Aphrodite >> 7.5
DOM-CBP-Hathor >> 6.5
DOM-CBP-Verde >> 8

I'm just giving scores for now. I might give my comments later. Definitely some high quality maps in this pack and everyone did a great job on them. Thanks for letting us play them. :tup: See Ya!

22nd Nov 2003, 11:40 AM
In terms of scoring, should we look at the pack for a review at all?....

23rd Nov 2003, 07:58 PM
I would say at this point just do individual maps.

23rd Nov 2003, 08:56 PM
yeah, just individual maps.

25th Nov 2003, 11:44 PM
Yeah, uhm, that's what I meant and stuff, and I just uploaded all the ones we will be reviewing. There are 16 of them, and among 4 of us, let's say (me, lophead, Thunderstrike and Rainman, seeing as Clark and SINNER are rather out of commission) we each get 4. Or something. It'll be a team decision on who gets what and how many....it's only fair.

26th Nov 2003, 12:20 AM
Also, remember that you don't necessarily have to review all of them, but that's up to you guys. Seeing how the requests are rather slim these days, maybe just go ahead and review all of them, hehe. :biggrin2:

26th Nov 2003, 12:28 AM
Well, yeah, lophead says we should get a move-on for all of 'em, hehe. \o/

26th Nov 2003, 04:59 AM
Ok, so I'm really not fussed which ones I review. Lophead, will you be contributing any reviews or are you still tied up? Everyone that's going to review some maps should leave a comment on the maps they want, first come, first served. As Homeslice says, if four of us take four each we shouldn't be too overworked. Also, if SINNER is able to overcome his problems, he could most probably take a few on as well. Homeslice, you're gungho on this so go ahead and grab your four maps. Rainman and Lophead can stake their claims and I'll do whatever's left. That ok with everyone? Maybe Skaarj would like to grab a couple? What do you say, Skaarj? :)

26th Nov 2003, 12:16 PM
Ok then, I'll request them here. May I please have....*looks down the list*....Concentrate, Arkanos, BlackJackal, and, uh....hows about Verde? That'll be my 4.

26th Nov 2003, 11:59 PM
My fav. DM and fav. DD, at least a couple nice choices there Homeslice! Um, I better not just yet, but maybe one more review right before UT2004 comes out or something like that.

28th Nov 2003, 12:41 PM
Well, we may have to get an extra or provide a few more to another than before. Rainman emailed me (and I don't know if he gave the message to you guys too) saying that he doesn't really approve of this idea, so he might not be in.