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26th Oct 2003, 07:30 AM
;) Hello!
I read your post on the ut2003/4 forum - LOVE THIS GAME!

Did I mention I like it?
I was wondering - what are the special requirments needed to make a map for ths game? - other then the normal basic needs of a map?

Dont get excited - im only a newbie mapper - but i would like to give it a shot!

Either way - thanx for this game - smashing job :D

26th Oct 2003, 10:30 AM
Hey, thanks for the comment. :)

Um.. special requirements for making a map?
Well.. basically, the playerstart points go inside the fort or just outside, and the monster start points go outside the fort somewhere.

To get the monster spawn points, open up FHI.u in the actor browser and look under NavigationPoint -> SmallNavigationPoint.
There you will find FHMonsterSpawnPoint

Just dot those around the area where you want the monsters to spawn and voila. :)

That's about it really, but don't forget that both FHI.u and uWM.u contain new weapons to put into the maps. ;)