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26th Oct 2003, 02:23 AM
Hi all, :D I've found three links to How To Create A VoicePack for UT,.. but the original text was used in all three sites! *not sure where they were,.. I moved swiftly onwards,... I did however use the one I thought MAY have been the original text to see if I could create a voice pack for my pc,.. *not for any one else *yet anyway,..
I did everything to the letter (even if the 'images' that were supposed to be there to help guide me, weren't, and did so to the best of my capabilities),... yet it just didn't work,... now I'm quite well clued up with my English *being English really does help :rolleyes: ,.... yet it was difficult *minus pics,.. to understand ALL of what the guy was on about.
Cutting to the chase,... if there anyone here who could write a totally idiot proof guide to creating a voicepack in CRYSTAL CLEAR ENGLISH,...*maybe with colour coded text,..... with pics that are large and clear too,.. fed up with diagramatic pics that are 20k in size,...(far too small, and poor quality),. in UnrealEd 2,... AND do me a Voicepack in the process?
I have all the wave files I need/want,.. *99% taunts,.. I just LOVE custom taunts in DM! :D
Anyone care to help?
Weblinks ignored, fed up searching/getting through to dead links.

R3plicant. :)

26th Oct 2003, 04:05 AM
You might have better luck in the Unreal Development > Music & Sound (http://forums.beyondunreal.com/forumdisplay.php?f=137) forum...

5th Nov 2003, 11:42 AM
the best available tutorial for making a voicepack is on fraggin phuns site...

i plan to do one myself but you should be able to follow this on easily, it has all the info. youll possibly need... goodluck!