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24th Oct 2003, 02:05 PM
Currently we are in need of skinners and animators, we have several weapon models that aare in dire need of skinning and animating

What We Are About ::

Currently we have moved to the UT2004 Engine and our situation is at the moment is around 30% done, we are in current process of creating the first action packed levbel, of where you are sent to a factory, only to find out that is has been infected with a virus, plnned on creating robots intended on wiping out the human race.

After you have destoryed this factory, you are then briefed upon what you superiors think happend which is a computer hacker created virus.

They were wrong, later on in the gaame whilst destorying a larger factory, suddenly out of nowhere, these mysterious alien like creatures appear as if from vortex, you are now in battle to save the world. You are equpit with some of the most upto date weaponary. They are equipt with cloking devices, so they become almost naked to the invisible eye, they have close range wepaons, but no not mistake there weaponary, as it is much more dangerous then you could ever expect

What i do, i am simply the middle man, concept idea's and sketches, i can sketch out items, weapons, and characters if needed

Would YOU like to join??

Visit the forums
HERE (http://op.ufiles.net/phpBB2/)
Sign up and post where you would like to help

Skinners - Weapon and player skinning needed
Animators - Weapon and player animating
Player Modelers - Human's, Robots and Aliens
Mappers - Vastly large human city's and incredible space works are a plus

Thank you for taking your time in reading this