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23rd Oct 2003, 09:29 AM
hey all, i have a request, i need 3 models made. they are already made and ready, but i need them exported as static meshes. and i dont know how to do that :(

if you have the DE and Epic bonus packs, this will be easy. all you have to do is open up the FIre Skaarj, Ice Skaarj and the Skaarj Warloard. i need them as static meshes so they dont move around when i place them in the map as statues. if it is possible for you to use the skins that are already with the characters that will be good. and it saves you time.

if your gunna say just right click and convert to static mesh, i tried that, and for some reason, it diddnt work. i couldent resize the model after it was done converting.

any help would be appreciated. this is the only thing left to be put into my map before it's released to unrealplayground as a beta map.

23rd Oct 2003, 10:30 AM
cause they are meshes and not staticmeshes and you cant just convert to eachother
place an actor or a random staticmesh n your map > properties > display > delete the staticmeshfield, now go to the mesh field, and type the name of the skaarj
prolly something like skaarjw skaarjwarrior etc
then go to skins > add > search the skin of skaarj and add it down there
the fire ice and warlord are all the same model, just different skin, drawscales and fatness

and then you possible want to tweak a few other settings like drawstyle mesh, a collision for the thing, etc, dunno all of them by heart

theres a mesh browser too, look in there for more names
and look n default properties of the skaarj, source path should be in there too

this is editing btw and not modelling :)

with animstate, you should still be able to set the specific animation frame you want btw, at least it was in ut1 like that