View Full Version : ChaosUT2 for Halloween?

22nd Oct 2003, 07:49 PM
Things are starting to look really good for all of us Chaos UT2 fans! The Chaotic Dreams site has been updated with a ton of news today, but here's what we've all been waiting for:

We are very hard at work trying to get this presentable before Halloween. If all goes well, you'll be able to spend the night with ghosts, goblins, and crisp clean decapitations in some 1-on-1 Chaos Melee Duel. Again, it might not end up having all we'd really hoped to get in there, but we still believe we'll have something for you by then.

The meat of the news is concerning a new gametype they hope to have available for release - Chaos Duel. There are plenty of map pics (including the one to the right), as well as an Internal Release change log.You could do a lot worse than check it out!