View Full Version : Having trouble formating my comp need help!!

3rd Feb 2000, 10:10 PM
i am trying to format my comp but i cant get it to detect that i have a floppy disk in the drive and its pissing me off need help how do i get it to detect that a disk is in the floppy drive when i boot up my comp!!!???

3rd Feb 2000, 10:12 PM
Sounds like a BIOS problem to me... check your floppy options in your setup. Also check your boot order. What kind of floppy drive is it, If its a LS-120 it is complicated but it can still work

3rd Feb 2000, 10:14 PM
my floppy options in what setup???

3rd Feb 2000, 10:20 PM
In your system setup. When you boot you should see a line that says press "x" for setup. You press that and you are in your BIOS Setup screen. From there you can do all kinds of neat stuff, Learn how to navigate the BIOS it is an invaluable skill. Check your PC's manufacturer website and the web in general for more information. There are just too many bits of usefull information to go into here. But with a good knowledge of BIOS you will have some decent controll over your system

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